Tanner Industries - Distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia

April 29, 2015
Washington, D.C. and Southampton, PA

Tanner Industries, Inc. Receives 2014 National TRANSCAER® Award

TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response), a voluntary national outreach effort that focuses on assisting communities to prepare for and respond to a possible hazardous materials transportation incident, today announced the recipients of its 2014 National Awards Recognition Program.

Tanner Industries, Inc, headquartered in Southampton, PA, was named a recipient of the 2014 National TRANSCAER® Awards. Tanner is a full service specialty chemical company involved with the distribution of anhydrous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide as well as related products and services, including storage tanks/systems, consulting, and emergency response training. This is the third straight year that Tanner has received this award.

The TRANSCAER® Awards Program recognizes the achievements of individuals, companies and organizations that exceed in advocating, demonstrating and implementing the principles of TRANSCAER at the national and regional levels. These awards include: the National and Regional Achievement Awards; the Distinguished Service Award, TRANSCAER‘s highest level of recognition; the Chairman's Award, a special, discretionary award given by the National TRANSCAER Task Group Chairman; The Torch Award, an award recognizing those individuals whose legacy leaves a lasting impact on the TRANSCAER program; and Individual and Certificate of Achievements Awards.

“With a top priority on anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, crude oil, ethanol and rail safety, TRANSCAER‘s 2014 training season was able to reach face to face with close to 55,000 emergency responders throughout the US,” said National TRANSCAER Task Group Chair Frank Reiner, of The Chlorine Institute. “The TRANSCAER Awards program allows us to acknowledge and thank our dedicated volunteers for their truly remarkable accomplishments, demonstrated through their continuous efforts to ensure communities are prepared to deal with possible hazardous materials transportation related incidents.”


TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) is a voluntary national outreach effort that focuses on assisting communities prepare for and respond to possible hazardous material transportation incidents. TRANSCAER® members include volunteer representatives from the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and emergency response industries, as well as the government.

TRANSCAER® is sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, the Association of American Railroads, CHEMTREC®, The Chlorine Institute, The Fertilizer Institute and the Renewable Fuels Association. For more information on TRANSCAER®, visit www.TRANSCAER.com.