Tanner Industries - Distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia

June 25, 2020
Falls Church, VA and Southampton, PA

Tanner Industries, Inc. Earns 2019 National TRANSCAER® Award For 8th Consecutive Year.

TRANSCAER℠ (Transportation Community Awareness Emergency Response) is a national outreach effort. Since 1986, the organization has focused on assisting communities to prepare for and respond to a possible hazardous material transportation incident. The TRANSCAER program is led by industry professionals who volunteer their time to support that mission. Its' volunteer members come from a variety of sectors in the industry, including chemical manufacturing, transportation, distribution, industry, industry associations, emergency response and preparedness as well as government agencies.

The National Achievement Award is given in recognition of extraordinary achievement, going above and beyond, by an individual person, individual company, individual organization, or a team (of individuals, companies, or organizations) in support of the TRANSCAER initiatives extending beyond the geographic boundaries of any one region in helping communities across the country prepare for hazardous material emergencies. Tanner Industries facilitates and delivers Ammonia Safety and Emergency Response Training (ASERT℠) programs throughout the country and beyond. Tanner was presented the award for it's leadership, dedication and commitment to the National TRANSCAER initiative.

Tanner Industries, Inc, headquartered in Southampton, PA is a full service specialty chemical company involved with the distribution of anhydrous ammonia, ammonium hydroxide, and urea as well as related products and services, including storage tanks/systems, consulting, and emergency response training.